March 11, 1918 – Draft has at last called me to colors

One hundred years ago today, March 11, 1918, Jay wrote to Rinda from Escanaba, Michigan.  In it, he tells her about handing over his job responsibilities to the salesmen he worked with:

Dear Rinda,

Arrived here last evening after being snowbound coming down from the Copper Country.  Been busy as one man could be all day.  Been down to factory and settling up with firm.  Because I quit my job today and I am leaving for home in morning.  Draft has at last called me to colors or in fact I have been transferred to 33rd Engineers Co. forming at Ayers Mass and will not remain long at home can’t say how long but doubt if is a week.  Papers are awaiting me at Gaylord and soon as I sign them I have to leave however I have a few day’s grace before I have to sign them.  But at this writing can’t say how long.

Have bid all the boys good bye and it was hard after traveling so long with them really become dear friends of mine.

They are all leaving in morning over Northwestern Railway to cover my old towns where I had dream of a big business next trip.  But guess they were only dreams never to come true when I land in camp it will be at Ayers Mass.

I regret my having to give up a good position but blame no one but myself and sure have no kick come I will take letters with sweet and say no more.  I will wish you and R best of health and good wishes and I wish I could have seen you before going but no choice.

Good bye & good night.


1918.03.11 141

2 thoughts on “March 11, 1918 – Draft has at last called me to colors”

  1. Uncle Jim: This is exciting and amazing and so very well written! I am proud of you and look forward to the next episode to learn so much about my great grandfather Jay, GG Rinda & Grampa Ray. Thank you for all that you have done to bring them back to life. I love you!!


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