March 15, 1918 – Leaving Sunday night

One hundred years ago today, Jay wrote from his hometown of Gaylord, Michigan to Rinda in Leroy, Minnesota.  Apparently she had gone to Charles City where other family members lived, the letter was forwarded to her there.

In it, he tells her he is leaving for boot camp in Columbus, Ohio.  There’s a definite sadness in his writing, the letter is much more subdued than those before he was drafted.

As I mentioned in previous posts, Jay was a travelling salesman.  He stayed in hotels across the upper midwest and saved and used stationary that was provided in hotel rooms.

Dear Rinda,

Received your letter of Monday forwarded from Escanaba.  You have undoubtedly received one I wrote from Escanaba Monday night.  Leaving here Sunday night for Columbus Ohio.  Then to Ayers Mass.  But hard to say how long I will remain at either place so will give you no address but will address you when I know where I am at.  Will get all the final dope at Columbus Ohio.

Can tell you more when I write again anyway.  Stationary seems to be scarce around home here and this is about all I could find.  Mother is feeling very poorly worrying a great deal.

Sorry to hear Ray (or you) had such a bad ear ache. So Ray is growing like a weed that’s good.  Hope you both keep well.

No news to write will close and write you later.

Loving Willie

1918.03.15 142

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