July 12, 1918 – Presenting Company A and Sgt. Shetler

On March 30, 2018 I visited the Camp Devens and Fort Devens Museum near Ayre, Massachusetts.  Its a great museum with great displays of soldier life from both World War I and II.  My purpose was to learn more about the 301st Engineers, the regiment Jay belonged to.

The visit exceeded my expectations by a mile.  While there, a man named Andy Tabak served as my guide and had a wealth of information.  Additionally, he had a collection of many unit photos.  When I asked if he happened to have a photo of Jay’s Unit A, he disappeared for some time.   When he got back to me, he slipped a CD into a laptop and brought up….a photo of Unit A.  I was absolutely amazed.  Despite there being about 200 men in the photo it didn’t take me long to find my Jay.

That photo of Unit A is attached here along with a closeup of Sgt Jay E. Shetler.  He’s changed a lot since the day he got his uniform back in March.

Unit A, 301st Engineers, ready for the trip Over There.


My bad-ass grandpa, Sgt. Jay E. Shetler before shipping out to France.
Jay on the day he got his uniform in March, 1918.

Every regiment needed a band.  Here’s a photo of the 301st Engineers’ Band.


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