July 25, 1918 – Land!

On July 25, 1918, one hundred years ago, the Katoomba entered the Irish Sea.  They weren’t safe yet.  No doubt there were plenty of men on that ship realizing they were passing through the same waters where the Lusitania had been sunk a couple years before.

“The next morning wild cries of “Land!” sounded throughout the ship and every one crowded to the rail, straining his eyes through the mist to get his first glimpse of land; and, sure enough, through the curtain of fog loomed tall black cliffs.  They were the cliffs of the southern coast of Ireland and not a Murphy or a Casey on board felt a little tugging at his heartstrings as he caught glimpse of the homeland of his fathers.

“That night orders came to sleep with “full pack” close at hand, as the convoy was in the most dangerous section of the submarine zone.  Even though the alert destroyers were guarding the convoy, it was deemed advisable to be prepared for any emergency.”

– The Three Hundred and First Engineers – A History 1917-1920

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