August 11, 1918 – Two big announcements

One hundred years ago on this date, August 11, 1918, my grandfather received his third promotion in less than three months.  He was now Sergeant, First Class Jay E. Shetler.



Also on this date, the men assembled at the Drevant amphitheater where they learned more about the coming days and weeks.

Sunday, August 11 was the occasion of a performance in the amphitheater, but the games were of secondary importance, for this was the day when the Commanding Officer made the announcement that we had been made Corps Engineers, and were no longer attached to the 76th Division, and that we were soon to go to the front.  No one present will ever forget the reception of that announcement – instantly a shout went up that could be heard for miles, hats went into the air, and there was a general uproar.  At last it was known that our hard labor and drilling had stood us in good stead, that we were to stay together and go to the front as a regiment.

–  The Three Hundred and First Engineers – A History 1917-1920

They now know their future or at least where they are going… the front.  I’m not sure Jay was doing much cheering.

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