September 13, 1918 – the headline

Imagine this….its Friday morning, September 13, 1918.  On the table at the Crandall farm outside of New Rockford, North Dakota lies The Transcript, the local newspaper.  The headline informs that the St Mihiel Offensive has begun in France.  Rinda, my grandmother picks up the paper, glances at the headline but she’s too busy to read the article.  Little does she know that Jay is right there at that offensive, putting together meals for the Unit A of the 301st Engineers as they work hard keeping the roads open and operable for men and supplies go to the front on a couple kilometers away as well as the dead and wounded being brought back behind the lines.  Rinda’s working in the kitchen in North Dakota while Jay is at a mobile kitchen doing the same thing 4400 miles away in France.

1918.09.13 transcript.JPG

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