October 28, 1918 – Waiting and waiting for the mail

rinda marie johnson shetler with raymond jay shetler


One hundred years ago, Rinda again wrote from North Dakota to her sister Gertie in Minneapolis.  In this letter, Rinda is getting panicky about an insurance book for my dad who was 2-1/2 years old at the time.  It must have been exasperating to wait for mail that might never arrive and to send mail and not be sure it will ever get where it needs to go.

She’s definitely not looking forward to a North Dakota winter.

Bigger news….Raymond gets his curls cut off!  She gave him a haircut like her niece, Gertie’s daughter Vivian had (kind of a short bob).

New Rockford, ND

Monday eve

Dear Sister and all,

Gertie won’t you please send Raymond’s ins (insurance?) book? Have waited over 2 weeks for it and if it not paid soon I’ll lose a year pay.  Never mind the other things I ask you to get, only send the book.

Its real cold out here, had some snow but mostly all gone now.  I sure don’t envy winter life in the country but will make the best of it.

Hope you haven’t got the influenza.  Its awful bad here, so many dying.  I think Mr. Crandall is now getting it as he is sneezing to beat the band.  Only hope I don’t get pneumonia for what would become of my little boy?

Raymond is well and growing, cut his curls.  He begged so, had never liked them.  Cut his hair like Vivian’s (Gertie’s 9 year-old daughter).

Good night

Please send book,

Sis Rinda

c/o G.W. Crandall

New Rockford, N.D.


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