January 26, 1919 – Let’s visit the neighbors


The German civilians were behaving and had pretty much gone on with their post-war lives leaving little for members of the Army of Occupation to do.

“Numerous attempts were made by all in authority to help us forget that gnawing hunger for home and home folk, and though none of them quite accomplished the desired end, all of them helped us by affording diversion from the routine work in the business of “Occupying.”  Among these were the twelve hour trips to Coblenz which were afforded each man.  Details went by companies and were transported by truck.  Upon arriving in town, they were given tickets entitling them to restaurant meals free of charge, and were directed to the various places of interest about the town.  At ten o’clock in the evening the men reported back to their trucks and were rolled over the road to Brohl.

“Another method was the boat trip up or down the river in German river steamers.  The regiment was assigned one steamer for three days, and two companies were taken upon the trip at one time.  The men were transported to Andernach, where the steamer docked, by truck, and returned to Brohl in the same manner, when the voyage was completed.  Two meals were provided on board the boat and the regimental band kept spirits up and ‘Viel zu essen’ (have a lot to eat) down, for as a rule they were given a separate table and as much as they could eat as reward for their labors.”

– A Short History of the 301st Engineers

Sights along that Rhine River cruise, the town of Andernach with the world’s highest cold water geyser, Namedy Sprudel:

1919.01.10b OL


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