February 5, 1919 – Preparing for the future

Confiscated trucks, all in miserable condition, great for teaching auto mechanic skills in the 301st.

The leaders of the American Army knew that when the boys returned to the states, they would be looking for jobs.  The Army set up schools to help make the return home easier by teaching new skills to anyone who wanted it.  They had the time; policing the German people wasn’t very difficult in the Brohl area.

Jay?  I think he just kept cooking.

“Shortly after the arrival of the regiment in Brohl, the Regimental Schools were organized for those men in the regiment who desired to advance their educational qualifications before their return to the United States.

“From the start the men took great interest in the courses which were offered, among which were courses in algebra and geometry, elementary and advanced, arithmetic, American history, electrical and mechanical engineering, civil engineering, banking and accounting, freight transportation, Spanish, and music, both vocal and piano.  The instructors were taken from the qualified officers and men of the regiment, and the interest of their classes proved a high testimonial to their ability.  Some of the students desired to secure credit in subjects which they had taken, and expected to resume in the near future, in night school or college, while others wished to gain vocational knowledge which would aid them in their trades.  By far the most popular course was that of automobile repair.”

“More classes were added over time, including barbering: The barbering class, numbering seven students, learned their trade at the expense of the patient small German boys of the town.”

– The Three Hundred and First Engineers – A History 1917-1919

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