March 16, 1919 – A visit from Black Jack

1919.03.18 label is wrong

(This photo is mislabeled.  Pershing reviewed Company A in Coblenz on March 16, 1919, not in April.)

On this date 100 years ago, Company A of the 301st Engineers was reviewed by General “Black Jack” Pershing at Coblenz, Germany.  Company A was in Coblenz on a work assignment. Two days later, on the 18th, he reviewed the rest of the 301st near Brohl.

In the photo posted here, Jay’s there.  Somewhere.

But it’s still an interesting vignette about the March 18 review:

“Early in March it became known that it was the intention of the Commander-in-Chief to review the divisions and units of the Army of Occupation, the date to be the 18th.  Great care was taken to have the men of the regiment prepared for this event; uniforms were replaced or cleaned and there were one or two rehearsals in the formation to be used.

“At 4:55 a.m., the 18th, the entire regiment (minus Unit “A”) were transported by truck to a large plain near Kaisersesch.  The day was unfavorable.  The snow-covered ground and the wind kept the men uncomfortable, but the wait was not so long as upon other occasions.

“At the approach of General Pershing, “General’s Call” was blown and at the command of General Wells, Chief of Staff, all units presented arms, after which the inspection began.  Front ranks about-faced, and the General passed through questioning and commenting.  The Inspection completed, the troops closed in about a small grandstand and listened to the General’s address, returning by truck to Brohl.”

– The Three Hundred and First Engineers – A History 1917-1919





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