March 20, 1919 – Back to the hospital

1 receiving ward and barracks
US Army Evacuation Hospital 49, Coblenz Germany

On this date in 1919, Sergeant Shetler was admitted to Evacuation Hospital 49 in Coblenz.  This is one of many hospital stays Jay had since his entry into the Army.  In previous letters, he often wrote that he had problems with his lungs.  In an upcoming letter to Gertie, he explains what he is hospitalized for.

Today, one hundred years to the date of his admission, I am standing at the former site of the hospital in Koblenz (modern spelling).

The hospital complex was huge, I can see many of the original buildings spread across many acres, all repurposed into apartments. There are schools and modern apartment building interspersed between the old buildings.

Here are some photos of the hospital exterior and grounds:

1 Hosp 49 from Armin
Evacuation Hospital 49 buildings – 1919
Evacuation Hospital 49 Building – 2019 – now an apartment building  


Other side of hospital bldg -1919
General view
General view 1919







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