April 27, 1919 – All work and no play makes Jay a dull doughboy

Sergeant First Class Shetler, Company A, and everyone serving in the 301st Engineers were ready, very ready to go home.  They suffered from homesickness and boredom.  The U.S. Army wasn’t ready to help them with the homesick issue but it did everything it could to fight boredom.  Boat trips to Coblenz, visits to the Andernach Geyser, passes to explore the local towns, castles and countryside were given.

Carnival poster

On this date 100 years ago, the four day Third Army Carnival drew to a close.  The Carnival included athletic events, games, horsemanship contests, even wagon maneuvering competitions.  Company A was still posted in Coblenz during this period and its men surely would have taken part in the festivities.  It is very briefly mentioned in one of the books written by members of Company A.

Carnival 2

Carnival 1

Photos provided by Armin Bode-Kessler




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