January 1, 1919 – Happy New Year


Today and every New Year’s Day we say ‘good-bye’ to the ‘miserable’ year that has just ended and look forward to the fresh, clean year starting up.  I can’t even imagine how the American Doughboys felt about the fact that 1918 was finally over and that they had survived.   Our passing years are nothing compared to what they went through.  They had a lot to look forward to, especially getting back home.  But it would be a while, there was still work to do.

Jay still had not heard of Rinda’s death by New Years Day, 1919.  I believe she had been a prolific letter writer; he must have been concerned that he hadn’t heard from her for weeks.  But then, he and the 301st had been on the move, its possible everyone’s mail was delayed so he might not have been too worried.

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